"Always willing to explore every dimension of design."

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I find myself strongly gravitating towards any artistic form – music, painting, photography, film – and anything that involves creativity. I inherited from my mom. She was always working on something creative.
I'm never afraid of the "new", for so I'm always willing to explore the Graphic Design World. Took advantage of several opportunities on my professional paths, gaining experience in production for print (layout and large format), digital and web design, CMS management as well; and collaborate with other creatives on photography and video.
Currently working as a front end designer for several E-commerce specialty and retail sites, print production, and managing an account, for professional surgical instruments, with all print and digital assets, such as catalog, brochures, and marketing material. Constantly collaborating with clients, and other professionals.
AIG Print is a retail site for a variety range of professional printed products; of which I'm responsible for updating and designing content, orders' production, marketing campaigns, all to increase monthly sales goals.
After my first graduation in 2001, I’ve worked at Professional Printers, which I consider it as my second school, creating artwork and preparing designs for print production in a very fast pace environment. Mangrove Magazine gave me the opportunity as a layout designer and to collaborate with the creative team for this newsprint publication. I worked side by side with the art director and fellow designers on creating adds for sponsors and magazine content for print and web; making sure to meet printer’s deadline.
After moving to South Florida I decided to pursue a long-time interest in make-up artistry. Great opportunity to collaborate with wonderful people for video, glamour and conceptual photography, and fashion shows and events. I have been very involve in various aspects of the beauty industry. 
The economy recession pushed me to venture into a different type of profession, and I was not content; when my mom's passing  made me realized the present is very important because tomorrow will not always be there. 
Went back to collage in 2014 and graduated from the Associates in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, after my first Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design in San Juan. Going back to school was a refreshing experience and helped me open my mind to new horizons and possibilities.
When I'm not working, or taking online courses to continue improving, I'm enjoying movies, action is my favorite genre. I loooove music, heavy metal and jazz are my favorites. Enjoy different types of cousine and the occasional bourbon (even when I'm more a beer person.)

Motorcycles are a hobby of mind. This is an interest  I share with my husband. It's our thing! Proud owner of a 2020 Suzuki SV650X.
On a side note: I'm still practicing to be the front women of a metal band. Still work in progress. Need to learn to sing first.
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